School Programs

From start to finish, excellence and support come as standard equipment.

The comprehensive program—delivered in collaboration with online partner schools—provides young minds with a learning environment like no other. We combine dynamic curriculum, teaching and support, a strong community, and special services into powerful, effective schooling, making the total experience greater than the sum of the parts.

It's not all "online": there are boxes of traditional materials, including award-winning textbooks, CDs, videos, and hands-on materials that complement online learning. The combination of interactive online lessons, with offline materials cater to varied learning styles, allowing the widest variety of students the opportunity to master lesson objectives. It's all part of a unique, patented methodology that is designed for educators, parents and students

Courses Built on Quality

While the high school curriculum is tailor-made for high school students, many of the characteristics that underpin our high quality courses are built into our middle school courses as well, including:

  • Careful work built on educational research to identify the "Big Ideas" of a subject area as well as the concepts that are stumbling blocks for many students
  • Clear layout of the objectives to be mastered in each lesson, unit, and semester, crafted from educational research, the best state and national standards, and deep content expertise
  • Easy-to-navigate online content, including summaries and reviews, with more time and effort spent on the hardest, most important topics and skills
  • Engaging interactive content to illustrate and explain the toughest concepts in ways no static page (print or Web) could ever match
  • Beautiful, printed materials matched with the online courses (in most cases actually built for the online course) so that the images, phrases, and organization of these references clearly reinforce the key concepts, explanations, and work done throughout the course
  • Terrific offline experiences with labs, books, and writing designed to give sufficient practice in key skills that students must master, as well as challenging problems and assignments to develop each student's ability to apply what they've learned in new circumstances
  • Clear assessment tools to measure mastery of lesson objectives, using both online and off-line tasks to carefully probe mastery.

Acceptance is on a First Come First Serve basis. Call for an appointment to meet with a staff member and complete the enrollment papers to reserve your space in the Career and School Initiative Program.

That catch-all category can include disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, diabetes and epilepsy. Disability categories with lower rates of employment eight years after high school include autism (37 percent); orthopedic impairment (35 percent); and deaf-blindness (30 percent).

We believe all students given the opportunity can fulfill each ones God given abilities.

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