Blended Learning

  • Blended Learning: Provides both Online and Face-To-Face Education
  • Using Online Learning for Credit Recovery and At-Risk Students
  • Oversight and Management of Online Programs: Ensuring Quality and Accountability
  • Socialization in Online Programs
  • Specialize in serving McKay and Step-up Scholarship students

Online Learning

Online learning offers the advantage of personalization, allowing individualized attention and support when students need it most. It provides the very best educational opportunities to all students, regardless of their zip code.

Experience highly qualified teachers delivering instruction using the Internet and a vast array of digital resources and content. Through this series of blended curriculum model, we are pleased to share the promising practices in K-12 online learning that are already underway.


Full Time with Teacher Support

This program works with all students who want to supplement our existing curriculum with a few extra classes, rather than replace the curriculum. The student can choose from a few extra classes.

Individualized Instruction

We have class Mixture
Let's say your child is a math whiz but struggles with reading. In this program, the student will have additional support in the subject of reading until your child is functioning at grade level. All students will be provided with the best support, and instructional focus to move the student toward reaching the appropriate grade level in all areas. All course curriculums are teacher supported. Your child can receive one-on-one help from our experienced teachers in all courses, ensuring your child's academic success.

HYBRID School Environment

Our HYBRID School Environment will encourage inquiry and creativity, and students will gain 21st century skills to help them meet the needs and expectations of an ever changing cultural and economic landscape, while remaining competitive in the workforce.

Students will have the flexibility in scheduling their school day to include course work, community based projects, and other activities of their interested.

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