We're the school in your community

At MWA we are committed to complying with applicable laws governing the rights of the students and to ensure that all students receive an education that is built on Integrity, Respect, Honesty and Excellence.

The Team design at MWA provides meaningful support for our students and parents. Our development staff meets with parents and students to determine any additional modifications needed to insure success and to identify the developmental needs. The collaborative process is also used to formulate a written plan that will be implemented during the academic school year.

Our Philosophy

Core Values

Everyone is treated with respect. We require and demand a commitment from each student, not just in following the school rules, but also in working to make each student the best person he/she can be.

We believe all students are unique and have special talents and abilities.

Tradition of Diversity

As you visit our facility you will find a professional and friendly staff. Each member has a unique way of engaging the students in participating in the classroom activities. Our professional staff will always be available to assist you with questions or converns you may have. We also encourage our parents to participate in our parent activities.

The principal and staff is extremely proud of our facility and welcome the opportunity to play an active role in your child's learning development.


The MWA Scholarship is provided to promote quality education in which young people can develop the range of skills they need to enter the 21st Century workplace.

This scholarship covers partial tuition for, the educational development for, MWA students enrolled from elementary to high school. The amount of scholarship funds available each year will be determmined by the Executive Board, as reflected in the annual budget.

All scholarships/grants from the Professional Recognition and Assistance Program will be incorporated into the total cost of the student's fees. Previous recipients are also eligible.

Our History

Creating Success

MWA provides a unique learning experience to students who's cognitive learning abilities fall at or below the average skill level. Our goal is to attract students from diverse backgrounds with a desire to learn who can benefit from our unique educational program. The admissions committe seeks to enroll students to nuture, motivate and create success stories.

MWA's diverse student body is capable of achieveing academic success, while benefitting from and contributing to the MWA Experience.

Perspective Students

Students who attend the Murl Windsor Academy will develop important academic and life skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, problen-solving, personal communication and listening skills which will allow then to be successful in their life endeavors!

Our student graduate from high school well-prepared to live as productive and responsible citizens in their communities. They leave feeling confident of their abilities and prepared to find a good career, enter a trade/apprencticeship program, or attend a post secondary program.

Future Success

The success of our business is largely a result of the superior service provided by our highly experienced and proficient core group of employees who are able to successfully differentiate learning to our students. Their ability to work with our students is clearly one of the many reasons for our decision to focus on students with minor exceptionalities and other types of special needs.

We believe students can reach their potential if given a variety of opportunities to learn. With support from a well-balanced staff, success will be right around the corner.

110 SW 11th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315